TV and Fireplace Props



Reasons to consider using these props for your next Staging project:

- fill up empty walls and awkward spaces

- eliminates the need for expensive rental furniture

- lightweight

- easy to hang using only a small nail or command hook with wire

- easy to clean and store



Editing Your Tour-Tutorial




You can access your virtual tour editing module from 3  places, the first and second are  as shown below from the email sent to you when your tour was published.

The first is the easiest. When we publish your tour we give you direct access without having to log in to the tour editing module. Note, for security reasons this direct link expires after 7 days.

How Drones Can Showcase A Property

Why consider Aerial Drone Video for your


Simply put, drones allow for the ultimate property showcase!

Video shot from a drone best features a property and it's 

grounds unlike any other format.

All In A Day's Work

Ever wonder what all can go into a day's work as a real estate photographer and stager?!
Well here is a behind the scenes, inside look at some of the fun we can get up to in a day!

We Get Creative


Visual Impact for New Builds


A New Dreamview Construction Build in Stoney Creek



We are excited to share our images of this local new built home.

It illustrates perfectly how our experience and expertise can be used for more than just real estate agents,

but to draw attention to new builds as well.

Home Renovation Photography



Urban Revival Construction


We recently had the pleasure of photographing one of Urban Revival Construction's current

renovation projects. This now completed project involved a total gutting and subsequent

renovation of an existing home.

Here are some of the resulting images from this impressive project!

Professional Headshots

Do you know BOLD Real Estate Imaging offers headshots?!

Professional headshots