All In A Day's Work

Ever wonder what all can go into a day's work as a real estate photographer and stager?!
Well here is a behind the scenes, inside look at some of the fun we can get up to in a day!

We Get Creative


Art that WE CREATED, all prepped and ready for staging day!!


We Keep Busy Staging and Making Friends


Staging is the combination of physcial work and attention to detail!


And generally the home owner's are happy to see us!


Sometimes they even help out and become an honorary staging assistant for the day!



Our Photography In Action


Photo day at the stables.

However SNAKES were NOT part of the plan...


Photographer caught in action.


Creative photography.


Golf Day at MREB


Becasue we do so much more than just Real Estate!!!


Making Time For Fun


Saying goodbye is always bitter sweet, but not always this cute!

Checking lighting conditions or balancing skills, how about both?!

So as you can see, we get up to plenty around here and it's all in a day's work!!