Visual Impact for New Builds


A New Dreamview Construction Build in Stoney Creek



We are excited to share our images of this local new built home.

It illustrates perfectly how our experience and expertise can be used for more than just real estate agents,

but to draw attention to new builds as well.

We work with real estate agents, home buyers and sellers, construction and renovation companies alike!

And we love photographing a beautiful space - big or small, new or old.


Dreamview Artchitectural & Construction builds Dreamview Custom Homes Inc.



This is a New Build Home in Stoney Creek by the lakefront and is a wonderful example that we do more

than just photos for real estate agents, but for any sort of home build.


The Front Entrance



The Living Space




The View



The Kitchen




The Lighting



The Master Bedroom



The Bathroom



TheOutdoor Space





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