Professional Headshots

Do you know BOLD Real Estate Imaging offers headshots?!

Professional headshots


It may be time to look into new headshots, if so BOLD Real Estate Imaging can help with that!

For years we have been pleased to offer head shots for realtors and clients alike. We know how important having a professional headshot is for your image. 

Headshots can go a long way in portraying a professional look to your clients and getting your face out there.

They are great for advertising purposes, business cards, feature sheets and floor plans. Now a days, many people have come to expect

to put face to the people they plan to trust or work with. 



Whether for professional efforts, social media, business cards or even advertising on a bus bench or billboard,

a high quality likeness and image can work wonders!


billboard advert



Did you Know?


A current headshot is newer than 10 years, and preferably within 5 years.

Use a current a photo. You definitely don’t want the image to be more than 10 years old. The truer the likeness, the more likely a client will recognize

you and therefore feel more comfortable.


That if you drastically change your hair colour or style, new headshots may be in order.

If you have drastically changed your hairstyle or colour, new headshots may be a good idea. It puts clients at ease and works to your advantage

to be easily recognizable and a true likeness goes along way to that. This does not mean you can not put your best foot forward or use slight

touch ups on an image. You do want a polished and professional look.



That looking into the camera with a clear and sincere smile is inviting to people and therefore clients.

Look into the camera and aim for a inviting, sincere smile. Professional headshots are not the place for an alluring look or staring dreamily off into space. 

professional headshot


That clean, wrinkle free, professional clothing can make a positive impression.

Choosing clean, wrinkle free professional attire rather than overly trendy, dated or casual clothing can make a big difference. Even though generally a

head shot is actually that, a closer image of the shoulders and head it is still a good idea to have a polished, professional look.



That lighting makes a big difference.

A professional photographer knows this best and can offer suggestions on how to achieve the best lighting and overall best look. Being this is our area

of expertise, we can offer suggestions and know what needs to happen, so you don't have to worry about it. 


Selfies are not headshots. Sorry, but it’s true. 

Selfies are never a good idea for a headshot. It’s not that we are beyond a good, fun selfie - just not for a professional headshot. 


Cropping everyone else out of a group shot is not a headshot.

The same goes for just zooming in or cutting out others from a group shot to get an image. Everyone knows that rogue arm belongs to someone,

and now we are all wondering who rather than focusing on you and your business!




We are pleased to offer our clients the following choice of Headshot Packages:


Basic Package - $90, plus tax. This package includes:


  • a 45 minute session
  • the photography
  • travel time to you (1 location)
  • 5 completed images
  • 1 minor touch up and processing


The High Res Images (will be emailed to you)


Our Professional Package is $125, plus tax. This package includes:


  • 1 Hour Session
  • The Photography
  • Travel Time To You (1 Location)
  • 1 Wardrobe Change
  • 8 Completed Images
  • Facial Software - to further enhance appearance 


The High Res Images (Will Be Emailed To You)


Facial Software Enhancement Before / After :



Need New Headshots?!

If you are in search of current headshots, let BOLD Real Estate Imaging assist you with our years of photography and headshot experience!

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or to book an appointment today!