Video Tours - A Great Tool For Selling Homes





Why Use Video To Sell Your Home?


Do you have a beautiful property you want to list and really want to make sure it gets showcased and gathers the attention it deserves?!

In the business of selling properties, there is a constant search for ways to make properties stand out from the rest and garner interest. 

A truly great way to do this is with Video Tours, something that (with years of expertise and experience) BOLD Real Estate Imaging really excells at!

A video tour takes potential buyers inside the home, hopefully tastefully staged by us, from the comfort of their own couch. 

It also allows for much better perspective and layout for the viewer. All of this gathers extra interest and sets the listing apart from others.

It is no secret we live in a time when everyone expects everything at their fingertips (hello smart phones). That is why photos are important when trying to sell a home.

But video even takes things a step further. It takes interested buyers inside the home and gives them the ability to picture themselves and their loved ones there!


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Why Use Video In Real Estate?


Video attracts sellers and buyers. It can boost listings and increase sales.

Nobody wants to buy a home they have not seen, real estate is highly visual.

Video can really give the viewers a feeling for the personality of a space. Not only this, but it allows potential buyers to see how rooms and spaces connect,

while experiencing the general flow of a home. No other medium can do this as easily or effectively as video can. 


So, please check out this beautiful sample of a Home Staging and Video Tour we recently completed:

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People Want Video!


Simply put people are more visual and less patient than ever. Thanks to the internet most people have become very accustomed to being entertained.

Video is still one of the most entertaining and easiest formats to grab people's attention. Plus most individuals are more than used to seeing videos on their devices.

In fact far more than half (it is actually closer to three quarters) of all internet traffic is videos.

So why not give the people what they want and keep your real estate listings current with Video Tours!!


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