Top 10 staging tricks that will quickly and inexpensively update your listing!

Here is a list of the top 10 staging tricks that will quickly and inexpensively update your listing.  By following these simple suggestions you will create a better visual representation online for potential buyers to see. One that will entice them want to view it in person!

1) Doilies -

Time and time again, I will walk into a property where the homeowner has staged it themselves.  

No matter how well they have staged the home, many times will leave dollies on the coffee tables and night stands.  PLEASE remove them, they are outdated which cause's the property to feel outdated.


2) Religious Icons -

Remember not everyone shares the religious beliefs of others.  
And it is best to not have these icons act as a distraction when trying to list a property.  

3) Curtains that are too short -



Curtains that are too short should be taken down.  If the view on the other side of the window is pleasant then remove them and let the view be the focal point.
If it is not, there are several locations that sell inexpensive curtains that will be the right length.  

4) Outdated Soft Furniture -

"IKea slip cover"
Considering couch's are the largest item's in most living room's and family room's it stands to reason that if they are outdated, the room instantly feels outdated.   Simple solution: inexpensive slip covers.  They will take a room from drab and dull to updated and stylish in seconds.


5) Rugs (too many, too distracting or the wrong size) -

Everyone wants beautiful hardwood floors.  Yet during many photo shoots I will spend a great deal of time moving rugs. Often they are not only distracting but end up covering one of the biggest selling features in a home.  If they are in good shape, remove the rugs and show them off!

6) Fridge Magnets -

I know this seems like overkill, but believe me we have seen it!  Even two fridge magnets is two too many.  Take the time and remove them.

7) Turn all the lamps and lights on -


I can't tell you the number of times I have walked into a perfectly staged house with the most beautiful lamps.  Unfortunately, many don't have light bulbs!  Note to all home stagers...please put in light bulbs.  They add a beautiful warm and inviting feel to the room when photographed. 


8) Lack of artwork -

You want to keep artwork as neutral as possible.  Taking down the existing artwork is not always the best solution because the room will then look too bare and nondescript.  There are simple solutions! Check out this link for some inexpensive ideas for artwork. 

9) Shower Curtains -

Sometimes the bathroom is a little tired or out of date.  Nothing will spice up a bathroom faster than a new "in style" shower curtain.  They range in price but since bathrooms and kitchens sell houses, it is well worth the investment.

10) Bedding-

This is an easy area to get a big wow factor for little expense.  I often tell my clients to start with all white sheets and pillowcases.  Then fold the comforter or bedspread they have into four and place it near the bottom of the bed.  If the existing comforter has an old pattern on it, fold it so only the back shows. The back is usually a neutral color.  WORKS EVERY TIME!


Some of the topics above are difficult to bring up to your client's.  That is why hiring a professional stager to conduct a consultation is becoming so popular.  We are there to help you and your clients understand the importance of following the suggestions above. 



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