Social Media Log In Tutorial

There are two ways to "Log In" to your user account to  edit or use the Social Media Links.

Before proceeding, its best to do this on the device that is currently signed in to your social media accounts, otherwise you will have to sign in each time you post your listing.

1:  Go to:

     On menu bar at bottom of home page click on " Log In"

2:  Go to the Virtual Tour Links Email sent to you when your property was uploaded by us and scroll down the email until you see the following.

    Edit this property (login required):

   Click on the link.

Both methods take you to the following screen.

Use the email or user name that was used to set this account up.

If we set up your user account we will have given you a generic password (which we can give you if you call us),

but advise you to set up your own password by clicking on "Request new password" and following instructions.

Once you are logged in the following screen will show:

Click on "My Properties"

Click on "Property Name"

The Details Page of the Property/Listing will show.

Now Click on the "Tools" Icon on the upper right side of the screen and the "Pop Out" screen will show as above.

Click on the Social media icon that you wish to add your tour to.

Note: Image used will be the same image as on the details page of your tour. Some browsers may show a different image in the preview, how ever when posted to your social media correct image will be displayed.