How to increase your business, so simple yet so true!

How to outsell your competitors!

I came across an article; "How to outsell your competitors" recently and wondered why so many people in so many different jobs aren't taking advantage of this sage advice.  The premise of the article focuses on two business owners selling the same merchandise at the same price just blocks from each other. They have to figure out how to outsell each other as well as how to stand out in the crowd.  

The main point of the article states, "As entrepreneurs, we're always thinking about added value and how we can separate our product from that of our competitors. But when it's impossible to differentiate the product itself, hope is not lost. Added value doesn't always come in the product itself."  

Here is one of BOLD's success stories that uses these guidelines.

Within the last year, many of our real estate agents have begun to offer our Home Staging Consultation (a fee of $175) to their clients free of charge!

What does this mean to the AGENT?

They are offering a valuable service to their client that other agents are not, which sets them apart. It also means that when the listing goes on the market it will be decluttered and updated which will make it stand out from the rest and sell faster!  

What does this mean to the SELLER?

Home staging is gaining in popularity and the home savvy seller knows it.  Many feel they can stage their home themselves, they just need direction (also known as our staging consultation). When an agent offers them this service they know they are getting an awesome added value!  

What does this mean for BOLD?

Well, for us as HOME STAGERS and PHOTOGRAPHERS, it means, that when the seller follows our detailed home staging consultation report, the results are always amazing.  I have heard the sellers voice on several occasions, "why didn't we do this before?".  The agent is happy because the house looks great and is market ready.  Happy sellers and happy agents allow BOLD to continue to do what we do best! That is to not only provide the guidance that is needed to prepare the home to sell; but to also come back and photograph it.  We get the chance to see the project through from start to finish!

So it is worth repeating:

"The key is to think about what your customers might need -- or at least enjoy -- beyond your offerings".

Think about who your customers are and what you can give, rather than sell, to them?  Focus on that and the selling will take care of itself. 

The possibilities are endless. BE CREATIVE!

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