Virtual Tour - Image Download Tutorial

The digital images that make up your Virtual Tour can be downloaded to your computer in 4 different resolutions. These are MLS sized, a small website image (displays up to approx. 7inches on average website), a larger website image (displays up to approx. 12 inches) and finally the original large format files suitable for feature sheets and advertising.

This is a detailed step by step tutorial.


You can access your virtual tour download page from two places, the first as shown below from the email sent to you when your tour was uploaded.

BOLD offers Live/HD Video!

It's a competitive world out there.  Get noticed by using video!

Here are some great examples of our latest work.  


How to increase your business, so simple yet so true!

How to outsell your competitors!

I came across an article; "How to outsell your competitors" recently and wondered why so many people in so many different jobs aren't taking advantage of this sage advice.  The premise of the article focuses on two business owners selling the same merchandise at the same price just blocks from each other. They have to figure out how to outsell each other as well as how to stand out in the crowd.  

Top 10 staging tricks that will quickly and inexpensively update your listing!

Here is a list of the top 10 staging tricks that will quickly and inexpensively update your listing.  By following these simple suggestions you will create a better visual representation online for potential buyers to see. One that will entice them want to view it in person!

1) Doilies -