BEFORE - Declutter
Declutter it
AFTER - Add Some Colour
Less is more
BEFORE - Dated Cabinet Colour
Get a colour consultation done
AFTER - Refresh Colour With Paint
The results after a colour consultation
BEFORE - Too drab for the main floor
AFTER - Paint it...then use furniture you have from another room
BEFORE - Furniture Placement
Use the room as it was intended
AFTER - Furniture Placement
Rent a dining room set
BEFORE - Furniture Placement
AFTER - Create Balance
BEFORE - Bedroom
Don't show your home with empty rooms
AFTER - Bedroom
Stagers will help you use what you have
BEFORE - Outdated Wall Colour
Update your colour palate
AFTER - Updated Wall Colour
Updated colours appeal to the massees
BEFORE - Remove Rug
Stagers can also help you go from boring to awesome
AFTER - Repaint
Liven it up with colour
AFTER - Add Lamps, Cushions and Sidetables
It's all in the staging details
BEFORE - Furniture Placement
Stagers will help you with furniture placement
AFTER - Furniture Placement
The better the furniture placement the better your MLS photo's will be
BEFORE - Remove Rugs
AFTER - Show Off Hardwood Floors
BEFORE - Sparse Room
AFTER - Add Bedding, Lamps and Sidetables
BEFORE - Declutter
AFTER - Less Is More
BEFORE - Office
AFTER - Office
BEFORE - Declutter
AFTER - Add Updated Artwork
BEFORE - Couch Cover
AFTER - Couch Cover Removal